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Glove Power Unblocked Games Premium

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Unleash Your Inner Superhero with Glove Power

Have you ever dreamed of having superpowers like your favorite comic book heroes? Now you can with [Glove Power], an exciting action game available on unblocked games premium. Arm yourself with a high-tech glove and get ready to take down villains in this free online game.

Overview of [Glove Power] Gameplay

[Glove Power] drops you into a city overrun with evil robots, aliens, and other baddies. As the hero, you must battle the bad guys and save civilians using your handy power glove equipped with awesome abilities.

The objective is to defeat all the enemies on each level while avoiding obstacles and protecting the innocents. You’ll need quick reflexes and smart strategies to succeed. The more bad guys you take out, the more coins you earn to upgrade your glove and unlock new powers.

How to Play [Glove Power]

Controlling your superhero character is simple:

  • Move with the WASD or arrow keys

  • Aim and shoot your power glove with the mouse

  • Activate special abilities by pressing 1, 2, or 3

When you first start, your glove can fire energy blasts to smash robots. But as you progress through the levels, you’ll unlock freezing rays, flamethrowers, and more to take down tougher enemies.

Upgrading Your Glove for More Power

Earn coins during gameplay to buy upgrades like damage boosts and enhanced abilities for your glove. The stronger your glove, the faster you can clean up the streets.

Some key upgrades you’ll want to save up for include:

Ricochet Blasts

Your shots will bounce off walls to hit bad guys around corners or behind cover.

Explosive Rounds

Make your blasts deal splash damage to destroy whole groups of baddies at once.


Take down aerial enemies with homing shots that track their movement.

Immerse Yourself in a Vibrant Comic World

The visuals in [Glove Power] are colorful and vibrant like a classic comic book. Bold textures and exaggerated animations give the game its playful style.

As you progress, you’ll battle through city streets, secret labs, marshes, and even alien planets. The environments are detailed and full of destructible objects.

Save Civilians Along the Way

Keep an eye out for civilians in trouble. Rescue them from alien abductions, robot threats, and other disasters. Their survival earns you big bonus coins.

Powerful Bosses to Unlock

Defeat the epic boss waiting at the end of each stage. These big baddies will push your skills to the limit. Best them to unlock new levels and challenges.

Be the Ultimate Superhero Gamer

With its easy controls, fun power ups and vibrant comic book world full of bad guys to defeat, [Glove Power] hits all the right notes for superhero fans. Play today on unblocked games premium to unleash your inner hero and become the ultimate crime-fighting gamer.

Glove Power


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