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Funny Battle Unblocked Games Premium

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Funny Battle - The Cartoony Multiplayer Mayhem


Duke it out in offbeat cartoon arenas using wacky weapons in Funny Battle! This casual multiplayer fighter simplifies combat into last man standing brawls across dozens of maps. With easy controls, humorous powerups, and diverse game modes, Funny Battle provides hours of frenzied arena action perfect for parties. Let’s brawl!

How to Play

Using WASD movement and mouse aim, blast your cartoon opponents with colorful guns and powerups scattered around environments. Reducing other players’ health to zero scores a point. Allowing all enemies to defeat you costs a point. First to the point limit wins the match!

Accessible controls allow anyone to quickly join the zany firefights. But learning weapon characteristics, map advantages, optimal powerup usage, and other advanced tactics rewards skill. Think fast and stay moving in the chaotic warzone!

Key Features

Wacky Arenas and Powerups

From wild west saloons to pirate ships, alien planets and more, battlegrounds burst with personality. Powerups like Football Cannons and Killer Teddy Bears add to the unpredictable fun. Along with distinctive weapons like glove boxing gloves and underwater fish blasters, combat stays immensely amusing.

Range of Distinct Modes

Standard free-for-all Deathmatches allow focused 1v1 duels or 8 player Anarchy. Other modes like Destroy the Object and Chicken Hunt provide objective-based challenges requiring teamwork. With diverse goals, practically any player can find their favorite competitive flavor.

Customizable Quirky Characters

Funny Battle celebrates zany style and customization through unlockable characters like mustached scientists, zombies, cacti, and more wacky warriors. Tailor their looks with skins and accessories purchasable with in-game currency earned through strong play.

Welcome All Players for Fun and Glory

From casual players enjoying the social hilarity to pro gamers seeking intense free-for-all clashes, Funny Battle’s inviting style, gameplay accessibility, and multiplayer mayhem make it easy to recommend to anyone. Let the cartoon carnage commence on unblocked games premium!

Funny Battle


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