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Football Euro 2020 - Compete in the Epic Tournament


Experience the prestigious UEFA European Championship tournament firsthand in Football Euro 2020. As manager, guide a national team through the group stage, knockouts, and finals. Using authentic squads, stadiums, and presentation elements, this management simulator offers a fully accurate Euro 2020 recreation. Lead your nation to continental glory!

How to Play

Before each match, set your squad, formation, and tactics. Higher chemistry between players in proper positions raises team performance. During gameplay, make strategic subs, formation swaps, and more to respond to the action.

Win group stage games against historic opponents to advance. Knockout ties require winning both legs. Master the art of squad rotation, tactical adjustments, lineup balancing, and more to thrive when it counts. Do you have the managerial talent to the win the trophy?

Key Features

Officially Licensed Euro 2020 Elements

Football Euro 2020 stands out through fully licensed tournament visuals and details bringing immersion. Iconic stadiums, genuine ball designs, realistic kits, cutscenes, and more make it feel like you’re on the sidelines. The passionate crowds and broadcast-style match presentation enhance realism.

Every National Team with Realistic Stars

Take control of any of the 24 qualifying teams with authentic rosters. Build your dream squad using real superstars like Ronaldo, Mbappe, Kane, and more. Familiar faces on detailed pitch models with signature playstyles capture the World Cup atmosphere.

Engaging Match Management Gameplay

While the match action plays out automatically, you have ample strategy opportunities through substitutions, formation changes, playstyle toggles, and analyzing stats. Picking the ideal starting XI already presents challenges. Reacting correctly when trailing or protecting a lead is key.

Live Your Management Dreams!

For any football fan, leading a nation through a prestigious tournament is a fantasy brought to life in Football Euro 2020. Establishing your manager legacy by lifting the iconic Henri Delaunay Trophy presents an immense challenge. Step into the dugout today on unblocked games premium and achieve European glory!

Football: Euro 2020


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