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Field Goal FRVR - Live Your Kicker Dream


Field Goal FRVR lets you live out your fantasies of drilling clutch kicks as a star kicker. Using one-button controls and mindful timing, kick field goals through uprights from increasing distances. With football dummy holders, realistic ball physics, cheering crowds, and leaderboards, Field Goal FRVR is the perfect casual kicking simulator. Become the kicker hero your team needs!

How to Play

Simply press and hold spacebar to begin approaching the football and set power. Let go at the optimal moment so the kick sails through moving goal posts. Wind speed affects shot trajectory, so aim accordingly.

Nailing 50+ yarders requires learning ideal power and figuring wind. Shanks and blocked kicks happen at first. But practice steadily improves your consistency until hitting pressure field goals feels automatic. Can you consistently split the uprights from 60+ yards out?

Key Features

Visually Authentic Recreation of Field Kicks

From the detailed grass textures to the classic goal posts, Field Goal FRVR looks just like kicking in a football stadium. The ball wobbles realistically with hang time, and the visual feedback whether you made it or not is instantly clear. The sights and sounds create an immersive kicking simulator.

Physics-Based Kicking Mechanics

Despite one-button controls, Field Goal FRVR incorporates physics for a genuine kicking feel. Factors like approach timing, power, and wind direction all play key roles in trajectory and accuracy. You can even watch replays of particularly impressive kicks.

Local Multiplayer and Weekly Tournaments

Try beating your friend’s longest field goal in local 2 player mode for bragging rights. Weekly tournaments with special prizes push you to hit new personal bests to reach the top kicker rank.

Live Your Kicker Dreams

Field Goal FRVR captures the tense thrills of kicking clutch field goals with polish and authenticity. The charming visuals and context bring you into the moment. And it only takes seconds to attempt dream kicks from any distance. For any football fans seeking a quick and fun kicking fix, Field Goal FRVR hits the mark. Play today on unblocked games premium!

Field Goal FRVR


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