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Fall Beans - The Adorably Fun Physics Platformer


Guide adorable walking beans through hazardous worlds in Fall Beans! With challenging platforming, varied experimental worlds, humorous animations, and 4 player local co-op, Fall Beans dishes out immensely charming and engaging run & jump gameplay.

How to Play

In solo or co-op modes, run left or right and leap over gaps and obstacles to complete levels. Navigate conveyor belts, cannons, boosts, slippery ice, and other quirky platforms requiring carefully timed jumps. Alternatively, drop down on foes to eliminate them in goofy slapstick style.

With easy single-button controls, anyone can dive in and start bouncing their bean about. Tougher levels demand skillful maneuvering, quick reactions, and smart coordination when playing cooperatively. Fall Beans’ whimsical worlds inspire exploring their possibilities.

Key Features

Platforming Playgrounds of Possibilities

Fall Beans creates incredible replayability and surprises by crafting levels as experimental playgrounds. Sling cannons, anti-gravity fields, a world inside a giant pinball machine, and more unique contraptions give every world unexpected challenges. Level layouts inspire you to interact creatively.

Hilarious Physics-Driven Ragdolls

The beans display amazing ragdoll physics when splatting against surfaces or stomping foes Mario-style. Their wiggly limbs flailing elicits laughs out loud as they bounce around haplessly. Slapstick humor and over-the-top animations imbue so much personality into the beans.

Built for Social Couch Play

While fun solo, Fall Beans shines brightest when playing alongside friends and family. Hilarious failed jumps, tossing each other around, and coordinating to access areas creates endless memorable moments. No other platformer blends accessible playfulness with entertaining physics quite like Fall Beans.

Joyfully Entertaining Platforming

Fall Beans wonderfully showcases how strong game mechanics thrive when coated in heaps of personality. The joyful beans and their wiggly ragdoll physics give an inviting vibe that players of any age can dive into. Bring some friends along for hilarious couch co-op chaos! Play today on unblocked games premium!

Fall Beans


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