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Jump and Dunk Your Way to Victory in Dunk Brush on Unblocked Games Premium

Lace up your high-tops and get ready to rock the courts in the action-packed basketball game Dunk Brush. With accessible one-touch controls, you'll dribble, leap, and dunk your way to streetball glory. Avoid sharks, UFOs, and other over-the-top hazards across hundreds of wacky levels. If you want basketball fun mixed with utter chaos, Dunk Brush delivers.

Controls and Gameplay: Learning the Rules

In Dunk Brush, you control the basketball player by tapping and holding the screen. Time each tap to bounce and guide the ball towards the hoop while avoiding obstacles.

Tap longer to initiate a charge jump for huge air. Release to perform monster jams and smash through barriers when you need to sky for the bucket.

Rack up combos by chaining moves, dunks, and hoops together. Stay airborne and keep momentum going to maximize your score. Unlock booster balls with wild effects as you progress.

Why Dunk Brush Stands Out

One-Touch Simplicity

With just screen taps for everything, Dunk Rush makes balling accessible for all ages and skills. No complex controls - just addictive frantic fun.

Hundreds of Unique Levels

Think quick as hazards and layouts constantly change. From crowded city streets to beaches, the challenges never stop coming.

Awesome Power-Ups

Light the ball on fire, turn it to stone, or make it a balloon. Game-changing boosters amplify the insane action.

Competitive Online Leaderboards

Compare combo high scores with other Dunk Brush ballers worldwide. Claim the top spots!

Bright, Fun Visuals

Vibrant cartoon graphics burst with personality. Soar past sharks, UFOs, and other wacky obstacles.

Development History

Dunk Brush comes from SayGames, a Belarus-based mobile game developer founded in 2017. They drew inspiration from wildly successful hyper-casual titles to create an addictive, fast-paced basketball experience trimmed down to pure fun.

With no complex controls or mechanics to learn, Dunk Brush finds instant appeal across all skill levels. The game has seen huge popularity since its 2019 launch, earning over 10 million downloads.

Dunk Brush Scores Big Across Platforms

Originally a mobile title, Dunk Brush's simple tap gameplay translates flawlessly to desktop. Play anywhere on your browser for on-the-go fun.

Optimized performance also allows Dunk Brush to run smoothly on nearly any modern device. Wherever you play, expect fluid basketball action.

More Sports Action Awaits on Unblocked Games Premium

After powering through Dunk Brush, check out other sports and physics games like 3D Free Kick, Basket Random, and Burrito Bison on Unblocked Games Premium for hours more fast-paced fun.

There's something for everyone - just pick your ball and get in the game!

The Ever-Expanding Courts of Dunk Brush

With new levels and boosters still periodically added, Dunk Brush keeps bringing exciting variety long after downloading. And SayGames has hinted at bigger updates down the road, including multiplayer and customization options.

For instant on-the-go basketball madness, get in the zone with Dunk Brush. Exciting streetball action awaits on Unblocked Games Premium!

Dunk Brush


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