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Get Creative in Drawmaster on Unblocked Games Premium

Do you have an artist's eye and quick reflexes? Put your skills to the test in Drawmaster. This fast-paced multiplayer drawing game challenges you to illustrate different words before opponents. But you’ll have just seconds to conjure up clever sketches. With simplicity meeting creativity, Drawmaster delivers fun for all ages. Grab those digital pens and join this artistic showdown on Unblocked Games Premium!

How to Play Drawmaster: The Rules

In each round of Drawmaster, a secret word is revealed that all players must draw within the time limit. You'll need to illustrate the word clearly enough for other players to guess correctly.

Using your mouse or finger, sketch on the drawing panel. You can use color strokes or black and white. Make creative use of shapes and lines to best depict the word. But work quickly - the clock is ticking!

If a player guesses the word from your drawing, you'll earn points. After each round, gain Gems to unlock new colors and brush sizes for future drawings.

Key Features Making Drawmaster a Creative Blast

Massive Library of Words

With over 3,000 words in the bank, you'll get fresh prompts challenging your illustration skills every round. Topics range from animals and foods to jobs and actions.

Compete Against Friends or Worldwide

Go head-to-head with friends sharing the same device or get matched online against artists worldwide. Can your drawings outwit opponents?

Customizable Brushes and Colors

Stand out with special brushes like spray paint and neon, or animated effects like rainbow. Tailor your artistic arsenal.

STEAM Learning for All Ages

Drawmaster promotes imagination, communication skills, and thinking creatively - perfect STEAM learning for kids. But it's also just relaxing, engaging fun for all.

Quick 5 Minute Matches

Games are snappy and satisfying. No need to invest hours to enjoy Drawmaster. Just jump in for some instant entertainment.

Development History and Critical Praise

Created by Brazilian indie studio Supos, Drawmaster launched on mobile in 2019 after over a year in development. Supos wanted to design a game equally fun for kids and adults. Drawmaster’s simple but expressive drawing gameplay hit the mark.

The game has seen huge success, with over 10 million downloads on the App Store. Drawmaster earns consistent praise as a family-friendly party game that inspires creativity.

Drawmaster Takes Off on Mobile and Desktop

As a lightweight mobile app, Drawmaster plays smoothly on most modern iOS and Android devices. Intuitive touch controls make drawing accessible for all ages.

When enjoyed on desktop through Unblocked Games Premium, mouse drawing allows that same quick creative competition. No specialized hardware or equipment needed!

More Games Where Creativity Rules on Unblocked Games Premium

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For more word-based party fun, Dumb Ways to Die and Higher Lower Game offer great replay value at get-togethers or as screen-free family activities.

The Future Looks Bright for Drawmaster

Already hugely popular, we can expect Drawmaster to keep evolving with more words, brushes, customization options, and modes. The developers at Supos are committed to creating new content.

Special limited-time seasonal brush packs are also rolled out regularly, like creepy brushes for Halloween or heart brushes for Valentine's Day.

For lightning-fast family entertainment that inspires imagination, enter the creative showdown in Drawmaster. This diamond in the rough is waiting for you on Unblocked Games Premium!



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