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Demolition Derby Unblocked Games Premium

Played 2017 times.

71% (5/7)

Unleash School Bus Carnage in Demolition Derby Game

Smash and Crash Your Bus to Victory

Experience maximum automotive chaos in School Bus Demolition Derby, the outrageously fun derby smash 'em up now available on Unblocked Games Premium. Select and upgrade your bus, then crash and careen your way through an arena filled with opposing buses. Using boosts and takedowns at key moments, unleash enough vehicular destruction to be the last bus standing!

Weighty, Intuitive Driving Physics

Despite their size, the school buses handle impressively well. Whipping your lumbering bus around feels responsive, while the realistic weight and momentum amp up the sheer spectacle of metal-twisting impacts. Mastering drifting, nudging, and pinning rival buses takes practice. But accessible controls make it easy for anyone to start smashing things up.

Customize and Upgrade Your Bus

Apply outrageous paint jobs, bumper stickers, and hood ornaments to your bus. More importantly, upgrade components like your engine, armor, and tires for crucial combat advantages. A fast and durable bus can win fights through smart hit-and-run tactics. Find a customization style that matches your derby strategy.

Uneven Arena Adds to the Mayhem

Each sprawling junkyard arena has uneven terrain, ramps, blockades, and hazards that force unpredictable bus pileups. A careening bus might suddenly go flying off a cliff or get stuck in a perilously high leaning position. You'll have to constantly think on your feet amidst the madness!

Smash to Bits in Destructive Game Modes

Plow into other buses in classic Destruction Derby. Shove buses off ledges in King of the Hill. Or compete in demolition circuits with laps and checkpoionts in Race for Wreckage mode. With varied goals, both careful strategy and wanton destruction are rewarded.

Demolition Multiplayer Mayhem

Go head-to-head or cooperate with friends locally in splitscreen versus and tag team matches full of stunts and crashes. Take your bashing and smashing online against demolition derby enthusiasts from around the world too!

Downright Fun for All Ages

With intuitive controls, excessive destruction, and lighthearted bus-based chaos, School Bus Demolition Derby delivers outrageous fun and laughs. Unleash automotive carnage upon the junkyard today on Unblocked Games Premium!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the game have any objectionable content?
Nope, it's family-friendly bus crashing fun and fully age appropriate!

What are the PC system requirements?
Most modern computers can run it fine. Discrete GPU not required.

Can I use a controller instead of keyboard?
Yes, wired and wireless controllers are fully supported!

Do buses realistically deform and come apart?
No, damage is simplified for performance. Parts come off but buses hold together.

Is there single player outside of multiplayer matches?
Yes, you can play in arenas alone to practice before going online.

Demolition Derby


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