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Master Trick Shots in Curve Ball 3D


Curve Ball 3D infuses the simple joy of desktop billiards with ramps, portals, and other obstacles for physics-defying trick shot challenges. Unleash your inner pool shark across 100 creative tables requiring equal parts precision, power, and imaginative bank shots. Avoid the pits and pockets to become the ultimate cue master.

How to Play

Each level in Curve Ball 3D provides a unique table filled with bumpers, warp tunnels, fans, pendulums, and other elements between you and the goal. Drag and release your finger on touch devices or click/drag the mouse to pull back and shoot the cue ball.

Navigate around or utilize obstacles creatively to sink your ball in the goal pocket and advance. Optional objectives like collecting gems or hitting targets along the way increase the challenge. Perfect your angles and power levels to overcome every table with skill and flair.

With no time limits, you can take your time planning moves and learning level layouts. Precision and imagination are rewarded here. Challenge friends to beat your shot counts or share your wildest trick shots.


Crisp physics and ball behavior make shots feel great and allow incredibly complex bounces. Portals add a puzzle-like teleportation element. Local multiplayer enables competitive challenges.

Daily races provide quick fresh levels for practice. A level editor is unlockable to create and share custom tables. Leaderboards encourage mastering stages with as few shots as possible.

Slick Low Poly Visuals

Curve Ball utilizes smooth, modern low-poly graphics with simple shaders and lighting that help objects and paths stand out clearly from the table surfaces. The clean, minimalist look keeps focus on nailing shots.

Subtle ambient music accompanies your strategic planning. Then satisfying rolling sounds, springs, and clunks respond to your trick shots. The presentation is subtly polished yet puts gameplay first.

Development History and Reception

Created by Finnish indie developer Niko Pesola, Curve Ball 3D initially launched on mobile in 2016 as Curve Ball. Positive reception led to expanded level packs, a PC version, and the 3D subtitle emphasizing its table complexity.

Reviewers consistently praised the creativity and precision required across hundreds of increasingly complex physics-driven tables. This simple concept executed at a high level won wide acclaim for Curve Ball 3D.

Technical Details

Thanks to Unity engine support, Curve Ball 3D runs smoothly in-browser without plug-ins or installation required. Playing offline locally unfortunately isn't an option currently.

Performance remains consistent across most modern desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. On less powerful hardware, reducing visual quality helps. Controls are simple drag and release gameplay.

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The Future of Curve Ball

With the core game content complete, recent updates have focused on quality-of-life improvements and optimizations rather than new tables. However, the developer remains open to revisiting Curve Ball if inspiration strikes.

The upcoming sequel Curve Ball 4 would need to retain the creative level designs and refined physics while adding a unique twist to distinguish it. But the third entry's huge wealth of tables should satisfy trick shot fans indefinitely.


What is the best aiming approach?

Use the dotted trajectory line for direct shots. Try visualizing angles in your head for bank shots. Start subtle then increase power.

Is it better to go fast or take your time?

Taking it slow and strategically lets you analyze paths and dangers. Rushing can lead to wasted shots. Prioritize accuracy over speed.

How do I add spin to my shots?

Drag your aim cursor slightly off-center on the cue ball before firing to impart spin for curved trickery.

Can I revisit previous levels?

Yes, completed levels can be replayed infinitely to optimize your shot count or just enjoy experimenting.

How many levels does the game include?

Curve Ball 3D contains 100 standard tables, 10 harder expert bonus levels, and 365 daily levels, totaling over 450 challenges.

Master the Tables of Curve Ball

Few games capture the satisfaction of physics-based trick shots like Curve Ball 3D. Prepare to sink endless hours into these clever and creative tables. Now grab that cue, visualize the angles, and bank your next shot off multiple surfaces into an amazing goal! Just remember - no curve too tricky, no obstacle too great.

Curve Ball 3D


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