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Cursed Treasure 2 Unblocked Games Premium

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Defend Your Riches in Cursed Treasure 2


The award-winning tower defense hit Cursed Treasure gets even bigger in this action-packed sequel. With 20+ cunning enemy types, 40+ crafty towers, and 100+ treacherous levels, protecting your loot has never been so engaging. Tactical planning meets quick reflexes in this gorgeously gothic gem.

How to Play

As an evil overlord, your goal in Cursed Treasure 2 is to stop hero invaders from stealing your hard-earned gems using strategic tower placement. Each level provides a set amount of coins to build traps, archers, wizards, temples, and more.

Analyze attack routes to optimize tower positions. Manage priorities and upgrades wisely between waves. Heroes, mages, thieves, and knights each have different weaknesses to exploit. Defeat all eight waves in a level to achieve victory.

Experienced players can disable the convenient warning system or accept special handicaps to test their skills. With your throne and treasures on the line, leave no tactic or spell unused!

Key Features

Cursed Treasure 2 expands the classic formula with swimming and flying foes, invisible enemies, boss fights, and a possessed "Blood Money" mode. Clever twists continuously shake up gameplay.

The level editor enables creating and sharing custom challenges. Players can spend skill points to enchant and empower their towers for greater abilities. Even losing rewards gems to improve for next time.

Beautiful Gothic Pixel Art

Cursed Treasure 2 utilizes gorgeously detailed pixel art with fluid animations bringing both heroes and vile creatures to life. Little touches like bats and lightning bolts enhance the dark fantasy atmosphere.

Ominous orchestral tracks, eerie sound effects, and hammy voice samples further immerse you in the evil overlord role. The presentation wonderfully complements the refined tower defense gameplay.

Development History and Praise

Originally created in 2009 by indie studio IriySoft as a popular Flash title, Cursed Treasure 2 arrived in 2011 as a paid download adding major expansions. Fans praised its strategic innovations.

Reviewers lauded the charming graphics coupled with surprising depth that appealed to casual and hardcore players alike. Balancing lighthearted charm with challenge created an engaging experience with wide appeal.

Technical Details

Thanks to Unity support, Cursed Treasure 2 runs smoothly in browser without plug-ins or installs required. Performance remains consistent on most modern desktop and mobile devices.

Lower graphical settings help limit lag on less robust machines. Ambient sounds can be disabled for performance gains. Controls are simple point and click. Having a mouse is recommended.

Similar Tower Defense Games

If you enjoyed Cursed Treasure 2's fantasy action, be sure to also check out Kingdom Rush and the Bloons TD series available on Unblocked Games Premium for more tactical tower defense.

For more gothic charm, the Revenge of the Titans series delivers challenging steampunk fun. Vector TD combines mazes and line drawing for fresh tests.

The Future of Cursed Treasure

Developer IriySoft continues updating the premium downloadable editions of Cursed Treasure 2 with new maps, modes, enemies, and features. Additional titles like Cursed Treasure 3 could happen pending fan support.

The simple yet strategic tower defense gameplay loop refined in Cursed Treasure 2 remains captivating today. Combined with the ghoulish personality, this golden oldie could delight players for years to come.


What is the best beginner tower type?

Barracks provide cheap ranged attackers effective for learning basics. Slowing ice towers also help better react to threats.

Should I upgrade existing towers or build new ones?

Balancing both is key - upgrades strengthen, but more tower variety handles different invaders.

Is there a way to pause or speed up time?

Yes, you can freely pause the action at any time. An option also exists to speed up time up to 4x.

Can I recover lives/gems if my base is destroyed?

No, if all hearts are lost that level must be restarted from the beginning. You can resume from any unlocked level though.

How can I tell what path enemies will take?

Tap them to see their route. Towers near converging paths to ambush are ideal. Analyze the terrain for likely attack vectors.

Make Heroes Regret Raiding Your Riches

The complete package of stunning artistic flair, engaging progression, and strategic gameplay makes Cursed Treasure 2 a tower defense treasure. Now ready your wits and defenses for this evil edition on addictive gem guarding action. Let the diabolical conquest begin!

Cursed Treasure 2


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