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Customize and Race Pixel Vehicles in Blocky Cars


If you dream of owning a wildly imaginative vehicle without spending a fortune, Blocky Cars delivers. This creative racer lets you design a limitless array of blocky pixel cars then test their speed in action-packed events. With deep customizing, charming visuals, and responsive controls, your box-on-wheels fantasies are fulfilled.

How to Play

Blocky Cars offers a robust garage editor for crafting clever cars from cubes, wedges, wheels, and other snap-together components. Add engines for speed and weapons for sabotaging opponents.

Once designed, drive your car in races across Hangar tracks. Control steering, acceleration, braking, and weapons. Knock out other drivers or finish fastest to win prize money for improving your ride.

The physics are appropriately loose and arcade-like for the blocky constructs. Creativity is more important than ultra-realism here. See how outrageous you can design while still staying speedy.


The full version features over 200 component types for extreme customization. Share your best designs online or download others’ creations. The Steam version allows VR play for an immersive experience.

Quick auto-generate options provide unlimited random car configurations to inspire you. Races offer various modes like elimination, endless laps, drag racing, and open world exploration.

Voxel Visuals and Sound

Everything in Blocky Cars is crafted from voxels, giving it a charmingly chunky Minecraft-like aesthetic. The vehicles, tracks, and effects are all pleasingly blocky.

The splashy sound effects and catchy rock music capture the lighthearted vibe perfectly. Tires squeal, cubes crunch, and engines rev as you battle for pole position.

Development History and Reception

Blocky Cars comes from developer Epsilon Games, who also made Pixel Boat Battle. It first arrived on mobile in 2017, then expanded to PC. Ongoing updates added more components and modes.

Reviewers praised the satisfaction of cobbling together odd but functional vehicles then testing their limits. While simplistic, the wealth of customization options and fun physics mean endless possibilities.

Technical Details

Thanks to Unity engine support, Blocky Cars runs smoothly in browser without download. Some users report lag during structured block placement - turning graphics down helps.

Controls are intuitive whether using touch or a keyboard and mouse. Make sure to allow permission for storage access so your designs can save locally. Disable extensions for best performance.

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The Future of Blocky Cars

The developer continues adding new components and features to the Steam edition of Blocky Cars, like weather effects, interior customizing, and more robust online sharing tools.

Planned as future updates are new environments to race in like city streets, off-road trails, and fantasy realms. More race modes and specialty components aimed at advanced players are also slated down the road.


How do I save my car designs?

Registered users can save up to 3 car designs at once to build upon later. Remaining local for offline play depends on browser settings.

Can I play Blocky Cars without an internet connection?

Unfortunately no - an internet connection is required currently for all functionality due to its online data storage.

What are the key controls?

WASD controls steering and acceleration. Spacebar brakes. F key activates weapons and abilities like turbo boosts.

How are race prizes awarded?

You earn virtual cash based on race position to spend on new components. Winning events or completing challenges grants additional rewards.

Can I play Blocky Cars on mobile?

A mobile version is available on iOS and Android allowing cross-platform multiplayer racing. Touch controls work well.

Start Your Engines

Now that you've got the tools, it's time to let your automobile creativity run wild in Blocky Cars. Build the maddest ride imaginable, then test its speed against fellow drivers. Customize and compete to your heart's content but remember - the race stays in the game!

Blocky Cars


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