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Deliver Packages on Time in Blockpost


Got a need for parcel delivery speed? Blockpost blends organizational puzzles with platforming action to create an addictively stressful productivity simulator. Plan routes, dash obstacles, and keep your deliveries on time across sprawling cities.

With charming voxel visuals and approachable gameplay, it provides logistics management fun for all ages. Don't let customers down!

How to Play

In Blockpost, each level assigns you a certain number of packages to deliver within a time limit. You must strategize the most efficient route on a city map to drop them all off before the clock runs out.

Once planned, you'll platform through side-scrolling streets and rooftops as your delivery driver. Jump gaps, climb ladders, and avoid hazards to stay on schedule. Don't miss a single drop or you fail the level!

As cities expand, new tools like grappling hooks, vehicles, and teleporters help navigate. Use powerups wisely to quicken your journey. Planning is key but you'll need fast reflexes too!


Varied level goals keep Blockpost fresh, like limiting moves or collecting extra items mid-route. Local multiplayer allows racing a friend. Leaderboards encourage optimizing performance.

The cities slowly evolve over campaigns, with new buildings and hazards altering pathways. Daily challenges provide quick puzzle doses. It's ideal for short burst play sessions.

Voxel Graphics and Sound

Blockpost utilizes a blocky low-poly voxel style for its city environments, vehicles, people, and other elements. While simple, the polygonal look has its own minimalist charm.

Peppy chiptune tracks keep things upbeat as you dash and leap across rooftops. Packages thud, gears grind, and bells ring to highlight your progress and notify you of incoming hazards.

Development History and Reception

Blockpost comes from solo Ukrainian developer Vadym Ksendzov. Originally created using voxel editor MagicaVoxel, it became a full commercial game after a successful 2019 Kickstarter campaign.

Reviews praised the laid-back delivery management gameplay fused with engaging platforming. While kid-friendly visually, critics noted the challenging precision and reflexes required at higher levels.

Technical Details

Blockpost is built in Unity, allowing an HTML5 browser version requiring no install. It plays well on desktop and mobile. Performance is consistent outside occasional ad-related lag.

Disabling other browser extensions can help stability. The game auto-saves frequently so no manual saving is needed. Controls are intuitive - mouse or keyboard/touch work smoothly.

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The Future of Blockpost

The developer continues to regularly add new levels, obstacles, powerups and features to Blockpost. Planned additions include story cutscenes, weather effects, and drivable vehicles beyond wagons.

A level editor is also in the works to allow players to create and share their own delivery challenges. And Android/iOS ports are planned to make it a mobile game in the future once features are content-complete.


Can I pause or speed up time?

No, the clock keeps counting down in real-time once you start a delivery. Plan your route wisely with no room for hesitation!

Is there a way to recover or restart a failed level?

If you fail, you must begin that delivery stage again from scratch. There are no mid-level checkpoints or item unlocks.

How many stages are included?

Currently over 50 stages across 5 cities but more get continuously added. Cities include snowy mountains and tropical beaches.

Do I control the delivery driver character?

No, movement is automated along your planned route. You only platform to avoid obstacles once the delivery trial begins.

Can I earn upgrades or new abilities?

Yes, finishing certain levels or challenges unlocks new traversal powerups, vehicles, and tools to aid future deliveries.

Race to your Deadlines

Get ready to balance logistics mastery with platforming prowess in this addictive indie delivery challenge. Strategize routes, hop gaps, shave seconds, and keep your customers smiling in Blockpost! Just remember - every package on time counts. Now grab that satchel and start dashing!



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