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Blockins Unblocked Games Premium

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Race Against Time in Fast-Paced Blockins


Part puzzle, part adrenaline platformer, Blockins provides quick pick-up-and-play action that will test your reflexes. By combining elements of Tetris with running and jumping, it delivers intense time-pressured gameplay overloaded with charm.

How to Play

In Blockins, random shapes composed of blocks continuously drop from above. You must help your cute blocky character sprint and leap to land on these falling forms, keeping them moving up towards the sky.

If a shape touches the ground before you can use it as a platform, the game ends. Think and move fast to utilize each piece and avoid plunging off the screen amidst the controlled chaos.

Powerups like slow motion and double jumps help in a pinch. Different level themes change the soundtrack and backgrounds. Game modes include zen endless runner or 100-level trials against the clock for high scores.


Though easy to learn, Blockins gameplay becomes delightfully hectic and challenging. The better you get, the faster it moves. Dynamic music, sound effects, and visual flair add to the sensory rush.

Optional cosmetic skins let you customize your character. Global leaderboards allow competing with others for best times. An upcoming level editor promises remixing the action soon.

Vivid Retro Pixel Art Visuals

Blockins features beautifully detailed pixel art with bright colors and fluid character animations reminiscent of 1990’s classics. Backdrops range from jungles to volcanoes to futuristic cities.

The chiptune soundtrack perfectly matches the retro motif with pumping melodies that increase tempo as the tension rises. From visuals to audio, it captures that vintage gaming atmosphere.

Development History and Reception

Blockins comes from Brazilian indie developer Supy Games, who previously created Chroma Gun. After a successful 2020 Kickstarter, early access versions launched in 2021 to positive reviews.

Critics praised the addictive one-more-try gameplay, charming aesthetics, and simple mechanics fused into an intense skill-based challenge. Despite a retro look, the action feels finely tuned for modern speedrunning streamers.

Technical Details and Performance

Blockins utilizes Unity to allow smooth cross-platform performance. The HTML5 browser version works well on desktop and mobile provided you have a stable internet connection.

Some users report occasional lag during lots of visual effects. Turning down graphical settings helps, as does closing other browser tabs and apps hogging RAM. Keyboard controls are responsive.

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The Future of Blockins

The full 1.0 version of Blockins exited Early Access in late 2022, delivering 100 levels, new themes, and promised mod support. Supy Games now aims to bring the title to modern consoles like PlayStation and Switch.

More gameplay modes, level editor features, and multiplayer races are planned. Cosmetic DLC down the road will add theming like ninjas and astronauts. Blockins shows indie devs can still innovate within classic formulas.


How do I quickly identify which shape is next?

Look at the outline of the upcoming block, not the colors. Visualize where you need to be ahead of time.

What affects my score?

Speed and avoiding deaths are factored. Collecting point cubes and coins during a run also contributes to your score.

Can I pause or slow the game?

Pause is only available on title screens. Powerups occasionally let you briefly slow the action during gameplay.

Is there a limit to how fast Blockins moves?

No, the descending speed and difficulty continue escalating endlessly in endless modes until you eventually make a fatal mistake.

Will I lose all progress if I clear my browser cache?

Unfortunately yes, Blockins has no cloud save backups. You must keep local browser data intact.

Keep On Running

Blockins offers intense on-the-fly puzzling that will test your reflexes. Now get in there, time those jumps pixel-perfectly, and ride each new challenge skyward on wings of momentum. But watch your step - one wrong move sends you plummeting in this electrifying time crunch platformer!



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