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Big Shot Boxing Unblocked Games Premium

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Knock Out Foes in Big Shot Boxing


Lace up your gloves for some cartoon fisticuffs in Big Shot Boxing. This charming retro game captures the thrills of boxing with challenging yet approachable gameplay. Choose your fighter type and jab, hook, and uppercut your way to a championship belt.

How to Play

Big Shot Boxing pits you against a variety of wacky opponents in quick one-round fights. Tap or click punches to wear down the rival's health bar before they deplete yours. Move left and right to avoid attacks.

Advancing through circuits unlocks new boxer types with varied stats like speed, power, and stamina. Customize movesets to fit playstyles. The higher the circuit, the more skills like counterpunching required.

Between fights, use training mini-games to boost stats. Sparring improves combos, while running ups stamina. Stat balancing and fight strategy become key against intense final bosses.


Robust training modes teach fundamentals like timing, dodging, and optimal punch combinations. Local two-player versus mode lets you battle friends. Character customization unlocks new speed bags and outfit colors.

Global leaderboards encourage replay value as you climb the ranks. Special bonus league fights against celebrities like Obama offer unique flair. An endless Survival mode tests your true endurance.

Retro Pixel Graphics and Sound

Big Shot Boxing utilizes a vibrant pixel art style combined with full motion video effects reminiscent of early 90s sports games. The retro aesthetic pairs nicely with the simple but challenging gameplay.

Punchy sound effects give impacts weight, while circuit-themed chiptune tracks provide motivation. From training gym to epic championship bout, audio and visuals capture the traditional boxing atmosphere.

Development and Critical Reception

Big Shot Boxing comes from Ireland-based Glass Bottom Games. First arriving on mobile in 2016, positive reviews led to expanded ports for PC and consoles in 2018 with enhanced graphics and modes.

Critics praised the easy pick-up-and-play controls combined with surprising depth of strategy required at higher circuits. While lighthearted, focus on fundamentals gives it an authentic boxing feel.

Technical Details

The browser version of Big Shot Boxing runs on HTML5, allowing smooth performance across desktop and mobile platforms. No download required - simply access the game online and start playing.

Some users report occasional lag during transitions or when playing music in other tabs. Close CPU intensive programs and disable extensions to maximize available RAM.

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The Punch-Out!! series also offers memorable cartoon boxing challenges. For multiplayer brawls, Rooftop Boxing or Street Boxing provide options.

The Future of Big Shot Boxing

The developers are currently seeking funding via Kickstarter for Big Shot Boxing 2, promising new fighter types, training modes, enhanced graphics, and both co-op and versus multiplayer support.

Planned features include in-depth character customization, more complex combo systems, and additional league types beyond boxing like karate and wrestling.


How do I block or dodge attacks?

Move left or right and time it to avoid hook punches. Blocking is automatic to reduce damage, but avoiding hits is better.

Is there online multiplayer versus?

Not currently - only local couch versus is available. The sequel aims to add online competitive and co-op modes.

Can I change control schemes?

Yes, you can customize which buttons initiate different punch types and defensive moves in the settings menu.

How do I deal with tougher, defensive opponents?

Use feints and whiff punches to bait them into dropping guard. Target body blows to drain stamina then strike the head.

Who are the final bosses per circuit?

Bosses include fictional characters like Manfly and celebrities like Abraham Lincoln - learning their patterns is key.

Claim Your Championship Belt

Big Shot Boxing provides hours of punchy pixel pugilism. Now get out there, train hard, study your foes' moves, and claim the title belt victory you deserve one knockout at a time. Remember - float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!

Big Shot Boxing


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