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Shoot Hoops to Perfection in Basket and Ball


Looking to practice your jump shot on the virtual court? Basket and Ball brings fast-paced, addictive basketball action to your browser. With increasingly tricky shots to swish and robust stat-tracking, it provides hours of free throw fun.

How to Play

The goal in Basket and Ball is to sink as many baskets as possible within the time limit. Each level starts with the ball machine shooting you passes. Tap or click to shoot when the ball reaches the sweet spot.

The early levels have you simply netting free throws. But soon you'll be attempting tougher techniques like hook shots, fadeaways, and power dunks. Timing and accuracy are key to avoid embarrassing air balls.

You're awarded points for shots made, with bonuses for consecutive baskets. Special glowing shots add extra points too. But miss too many and it's game over, so consistency under pressure is crucial.


A checkpoint system lets you continue at the last level reached rather than starting completely over. Daily challenges focused on specific skills test your talents. Post your high scores to global leaderboards for bragging rights.

In settings you can toggle sound effects and music on or off. Basketball audio adds atmosphere but risks distraction. A game mode with relaxed timing caters to younger players still honing their hoops skills.

Retro Pixel Art Style

While gameplay is fast and fluid, the graphics have an intentionally retro, blocky pixel art style. The simple 2D visuals allow the focus to remain on nailing shot timing and accuracy. Animations like player dunks add flair.

Upbeat chiptune tracks match the old-school arcade vibe. Ball swishes and horn buzzers hit the nostalgic notes basketball fans love. Visually and aurally, it transports you back to classic hoops games of the past.

Development History

Originally titled Just 2 Balls, Basket and Ball first released in 2019 from French indie dev AppQuantum. It was built with Unity after the success of their previous simple yet addictive game Just 2 Eggs.

Regular updates continuously expand Basket and Ball with new gameplay tweaks and features. It now boasts over 60 levels and daily challenges to provide fresh tests of skill. New holiday themes and alternate ball skins help keep the experience surprising.

Online Player Reviews

With over 10 million plays online, Basket and Ball has earned outstanding reviews for capturing the essence of basketball's zen-like focus. The straightforward two-button controls allow anyone to jump in yet still present a steadily climbing challenge.

Fans on social media enjoy competing asynchronously via leaderboards. The game is noted for avoiding complex mechanics in favor of pure, satisfying shooting flow. Some call it the perfect casual basketball simulation.

Technical Details

Basket and Ball is built in HTML5, allowing it to run smoothly in all modern desktop and mobile browsers. No download or installation is required. Performance is consistent across Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

Some users report occasional lag during ad transitions, likely due to a slow internet connection. Turning off other bandwidth-hogging apps can help. The devs continue releasing optimizations.

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Future Updates

The developers are currently working on a major new competitive multiplayer mode for Basket and Ball. Teasers show 1v1 matchups, added defensive moves like blocking, and more stat-tracking.

Other planned features include new celebration animations, alternate basketball skins, and more variety in shot types and trajectories to keep players on their toes.


How do I unlock new stages?

Advancing to new levels requires reaching the minimum point score on your current stage. Consistently nailing shots will let you progress.

Is there multiplayer or PvP?

Not currently, but the developers have multiplayer on the roadmap. For now you can compete asynchronously via daily leaderboards.

How can I improve my timing and accuracy?

Starting at lower difficulties and learning shot animations helps build muscle memory. Turning off the time pressure in settings provides room to practice.

Are there cheats or mods?

No unauthorized mods or cheats are supported. Editing game files may cause crashes or bans from leaderboards.

Why do some shots suddenly curve or change speed?

The game sometimes alters trajectories to test reflexes and keep players on their toes. Learning to adjust improves skills.

Never Miss a Shot

Basket and Ball offers hours of free throw fun for casual gamers and hardcore ballers alike. Now get out on that virtual court and own the spotlight. Stay focused, time those jumps, and swish shot after addictive shot. Become the buzzer beater master you were meant to be!

Basket and Ball


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