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Immerse Yourself in the Art of Mixology with Bartender: The Right Mix


Looking to channel your inner mixologist? Bartender: The Right Mix is a fun and engaging free online game that lets you live out your dreams of running your very own bar. With its slick interface and challenging gameplay, you'll be shaken and stirred into the engrossing world of crafting cocktails.

How to Play

In Bartender, your goal is to mix drinks to perfection and keep your bar patrons happy. When a customer enters, tap on them to take their order. Pay close attention to what they request - the type of alcohol, any extra ingredients, and how strong they want it.

You'll need to grab the right liquor bottles, add other elements like fruit or soda, then shake or stir the concoction. Top it off with a fun garnish before serving it up! A timer keeps the pressure on to work quickly. Botching an order can lose you tips, so accuracy and speed are key.

With each level, new recipes and bartending skills are introduced to master. You'll learn to make everything from old standbys like Whiskey Sours to fancy cocktails like Mojitos. Studying the in-game drink guide helps you memorize recipes.

Unique Features

While juggling drink orders, you can also chat with customers to improve your "likeability" score. Special guests like a wine connoisseur or a celebrity will visit your bar too. Impress them to earn big tips!

The virtual "jukebox" lets you choose background music to set the mood. As your bar grows, you can upgrade amenities like new furniture, shelves, and neon signs. There's robust stat-tracking so you can monitor income, popularity, and milestones.

Impressive Visuals

Bartender boasts a stylish pixel art aesthetic with fluid animations. Details like flashing disco lights or falling snow outside the windows add flair. The curated soundtrack of upbeat lounge music fits the hip, upscale vibe.

Vibrant explosions of color and clever visual gags make mixing each drink fun and satisfying. Patrons sport varied looks like pirates, vampires, and hipsters. Charming animations make them feel alive.

History and Development

Bartender originally released on mobile in 2015 from developer Pixel Ferrets. This free web version launched in 2019, optimized for desktop. It was created using the Unity engine.

Over the years new features have been added, like more recipes, furniture options, and holiday decorations. Ongoing updates fix bugs and improve performance. The simple tap and drag controls translate flawlessly from mobile to browser.

Thriving Community

With over 1 million downloads worldwide, Bartender has cultivated an active community of amateur and expert mixologists alike. Fans share cocktail creations, tips, and high scores on social media. Competitive weekly leaderboards let you showcase your skills.

User reviews praise the quick, rewarding gameplay loop and charming graphics. Bartender is noted as being intuitive yet challenging. The wide selection of drinks and bonuses like costumes keep the experience feeling fresh.

Technical Details

Bartender: The Right Mix works on PC and Mac in most modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. An internet connection is required as data is saved on remote servers. Performance is best on desktops and laptops rather than mobile devices.

Some users report choppy animations or delays on older computers. Closing other browser tabs can help. Pixel Ferrets regularly patches bugs - check their Twitter feed @PixelFerrets for updates.

More Bar Games to Try

If you enjoy Bartender, be sure to also check out other tasty titles like Coffee Shop, Pizza Restaurant, and Burger Bistro available right here on Unblocked Games Premium. They all blend food service simulation with engaging gameplay.

For more cocktail-crafting challenges, Cocktail Master and Mix Drinks Pro are recommended. Or for multiplayer fun, League of Cocktails lets you compete in teams.

Upcoming Features

The developers have hinted that a major update is in the works for Bartender. Speculation suggests it could include new 5-star recipes, alternate game modes, and the ability to design your own custom cocktails.

Until then, you can stay on top of the latest tips and news by following Pixel Ferrets on social media. Joining their newsletter lets you take part in beta testing upcoming content.


How do I unlock more recipes?

New drinks are unlocked by completing servings goals for existing recipes. Upgrading your bar also grants access to higher-tier cocktails.

Can I use a mouse instead of the touch controls?

Yes, Bartender is fully playable with a mouse on the web version. Simply click to drag bottles and ingredients.

Is there a way to replay old levels?

You can access any previously unlocked levels from the stage select screen. This lets you retry challenging chapters or revisit your favorites.

How do I change my bartender's appearance?

Completing certain milestones like tips earned or drinks served unlocks new outfits and accessories for customizing your character.

Why is the game lagging or freezing?

Try closing unnecessary browser tabs and apps running in the background. Lowering graphics settings may also help improve performance.

Be the Best Virtual Bartender

Now you have all the tips, info, and know-how to thrive as a top-tier bartender in this cool cocktail-crafting game. Grab your shakers and start improving your mixology skills with Bartender: The Right Mix. Stay patient with new recipes and don't forget the garnish. Your patrons are waiting - happy mixing!

Bartender: The Right Mix


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