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Ball Blast Unblocked Games Premium

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Ball Blast - The Addictive Brick Breaker Puzzle Game

Prepare for endless ball blasting action in this hyper-addicting brick breaker meets match 3 puzzler. Ball Blast combines the timeless fun of busting bricks with strategic block matching mechanics for a fresh solo and 2 player challenge. With tons of levels and unique twists, Ball Blast puts a clever new spin on the classics.

The Brick Breaking Basics

The core objective in Ball Blast is instantly familiar - destroy all the bricks. You shoot a bouncing ball up to shatter colorful blocks above. Clear all the bricks to advance levels. If the ball falls below, you lose a heart.

However, blocks only break when 3+ of the same color connect. You must strategically blast chunks and rotate lone bricks into matching formation for clearance. With puzzles starting simple but quickly escalating, you’ll be racking your brain and aim in no time!

Satisfying Power-Ups

You aren't just smashing bricks - selected blocks reward you with power-ups! Special ammo like the Machine Gun launches rapid-fire shots, Laser blasts straight lines, and Bombs create satisfying explosions. Powers like extra balls and bigger paddles also help tackle trickier layouts.

With over a dozen boosts to discover, power-ups keep levels exciting. You must balance using powers during tough spots with saving them for later. Pulling off a perfect run relying on your personal power-up prowess feels incredibly rewarding.

Marathon Mode for Endless Play

Beyond the hundreds of predefined levels, Marathon mode generates an endless supply of randomly generated puzzles. With adjustable difficulty from relaxing to extreme, you can dial in your desired balance of challenge and progression speed.

Marathon provides limitless gameplay perfect for either short sessions or losing hours when entranced. Even after mastering levels, the variability keeps ball blasting fresh with new brick patterns to experiment breaking efficiently.

2 Player Duo Mode Multiplies the Fun

While solo brick busting is engaging, Ball Blast truly excels at cooperative and competitive 2 player action. In Duo mode, you team up to clear double wide playfields with a friend. Strategize which player should blast which bricks and determine optimal power-up usage together.

Alternately, Versus mode pits you in a duel - the first to complete their brick layout wins. Sabotage your opponent by firing extra balls their way! Having a rival inspires more clever and quick brick matching to achieve victory.

The Evolution of Brick Breakers

By infusing brick busting classics like Breakout and Arkanoid with more cerebral match 3 elements, Ball Blast modernizes the genre into one addicting mashup. Approachable pick-up-and-play gameplay combines with engrossing strategy in a package perfect for solo and social play. Start smashing bricks yourself anytime exclusively on unblocked games premium!

Ball Blast


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