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Bacon May Die - The Wacky Physics Platformer

Fight your way through the perilous Meat Lands as a brave rasher of bacon in Bacon May Die, the absurd run and gun platformer. With its quirky premise, engrossing gameplay, and humor throughout, Bacon May Die is a delicious dish best served point and click style. Let's see why this indie darling sizzles with entertainment.

Run, Jump, and Shoot to Survive

In Bacon May Die, you control a sentient strip of bacon exploring the dangerous Meat Lands filled with hostile food monsters. Your goal is to safely traverse each level while blasting enemies like killer tomatoes and egg gunners along the way.

Gameplay consists of platforming challenges requiring well-timed jumps and trigger-happy run n' gun action. Blast hot sauce at egg gunners to scramble them up! Stunning gameplay variety keeps the challenge fresh across 100+ action-packed levels. With tight controls, you'll be shoestring platforming and dishing bacon justice in no time.

Witty Premise and Humor

The sheer absurdity of playing as heroic bacon in a food-based world immediately grabs your interest. Self-aware dialogue frequently pokes fun at video game tropes, with tongue-in-cheek bacon and egg puns added for good measure. Visual gags like using a fried egg as a hang glider or riding popcorn shrimp underwater elicit chuckles.

Despite the slapstick tone, Bacon May Die pulls no punches with seriously challenging platforming and enemies. You’ll need sharp skills and resilient sanity to conquer all the mayhem the Meat Lands throw your way. But no need to cry over spilled bacon – checkpointing ensures you’ll hop back into action quickly after each fried demise.

Massive Arsenal of Weird Weapons

While starting with just a basic pistol, you'll unlock a huge arsenal of eccentric firepower during your journey. Shotguns that blast condiment globs, flamethrowers for roasting foes, rotating hotdog turrets, and more bring chaotic variety to combat. Some weapons serve dual purposes - freeze chili bombs can platform you across gaps for example.

With limited ammo on early guns forcing you to constantly switch up tactics, the shooting stays fresh. Finding your signature weapons and developing playstyles enhances the action.

Quality Presentation & Polish

For an independently developed game, Bacon May Die exhibits stunning polish in its presentation. The 2D hand-drawn cartoon art pops with color and personality. Clever visual effects like bullet tracers pepper the frantic combat. The original music shifts between upbeat jams and soaring melodies capping off levels.

With adjustable difficulty scaling, accessible gameplay for all ages, and plenty of meme-able moments, Bacon May Die proves itself as a standout crowd pleaser well worth devouring. Visit the Meat Lands yourself today exclusively on unblocked games premium to join this bacon's epic journey. The only risk is hunger pangs!

Bacon May Die


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