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Reviewing key concepts in the classroom can often feel monotonous for both students and teachers. However, the game-based learning platform Blooket is spicing up study time by turning reviews into exciting, interactive gaming sessions. With over 15 million registered users globally, Blooket is fast becoming a favorite tool for bringing healthy competition and engagement into the learning process. By leveraging game mechanics like points, leaderboards, and rewards, Blooket taps into students’ competitive spirits to motivate mastery. Read on to learn how to join the Blooket phenomenon and see firsthand how game-based reviews can create an energizing classroom environment.

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About Blooket

Blooket is an educational gaming platform that engages students through fun, game-based learning. With Blooket, teachers can create interactive quizzes and games to review concepts and track student progress. Students login and play online using "blooks" - customizable avatars that make learning feel like a game. Blooket is a great way to boost student engagement and make learning memorable.

What Is Blooket?

Blooket is an online gaming platform designed specifically for educational use in classrooms. Teachers can use Blooket to create fun quiz games using multiple choice, true/false, and other question types. These quizzes can then be played by students using "blooks" - avatars that represent each student in the game.

Blooket offers different game modes that allow students to compete and collaborate while reviewing material. There are classic modes like Gold Quest and Tower Defense, along with racing modes like Crypto and Cafe. The variety keeps students engaged across subjects and grade levels.

Teachers have access to a dashboard that provides insights into student performance. This allows them to identify gaps and adjust instruction accordingly. Blooket integrates seamlessly with Google Classroom and Clever, making set-up and use quick and easy.

Overall, Blooket leverages game-based learning and healthy competition to motivate students. The interactive, team-based gameplay keeps kids engaged while allowing teachers to save time and get actionable data. There are many unblocked games websites, which provides the ultimate fun from school and workplace.

Motivate Students

Blooket uses gamification to get kids excited about learning. Students can build an inventory of collectible blooks, climb leaderboards, and earn achievement badges - elements that tap into their competitive spirit.

Leaderboards showcase the top-performing students in real-time during gameplay. This injects a fun, urgent energy into the review process. Kids are driven to answer quickly and correctly in hopes of seeing their name rise on the leaderboard.

When games end, blooks and achievement badges are awarded based on performance. Students are intrinsically motivated to collect all the unique blooks and badges. Equipped with these rewards, Blooket leverages students' competitive natures to motivate learning.

Teach Effortlessly

Blooket makes teaching more efficient. Ready-made question templates allow teachers to quickly generate engaging review games.

The games are self-grading, freeing up time normally spent on manual scoring and recording grades. Kids get immediate feedback on their answers during gameplay - no waiting for teachers to announce results.

There are multiple game modes to choose from, each supporting different teaching objectives. Modes like Gold Quest check comprehension while Cipher strengthens critical thinking. Teachers can select modes aligned to skills they want students to develop.

The games work seamlessly across devices, enabling remote learning. Students can join games easily from their tablets, phones, or computers at home. Teachers can monitor performance and deliver timely interventions tailored to individual needs.

Blooket integrates tightly with Google Classroom and Clever. Teachers can import existing question banks into Blooket with one click. The games automatically sync grades back to the connected platforms. This two-way integration saves teachers considerable prep time.

Overall, Blooket allows teachers to deliver interactive review activities in a fraction of the time. The automated grading and insights enable teachers to make smarter, personalized interventions.

Customize Freely

Blooket offers extensive customization options that make games feel tailored to each class. Teachers can upload class photos to create branded game environments.

Different game modes like Gold Quest and Crypto allow for different learning focuses. Teachers pick the mode best suited to their content goals and student skill levels.

Question sets can be customized down to the last detail. Teachers can add images, modify timers, rearrange question order, and more. This flexibility allows for differentiated instruction within the same game.

For individual students, usernames, avatars, and other elements can be customized. Teachers can toggle settings like "Student Choice Nicknames" and "Student Selected Blook" to give students autonomy.

Custom leaderboards per class foster healthy competition among peers. Student blook collections carry over across all a teacher's classes, reinforcing engagement.

With robust customization, each Blooket game session can feel like a unique experience tailored to the class. This boosts student investment and the impact of learning.

How Blooket Works?

Blooket's learning games follow a simple flow accessible to students and teachers alike. Teachers sign up ( for a free account, then create or import quiz games. A game code is generated that students enter on their devices to join the hosted game session. Interactive learning games are played in real-time, with teachers monitoring the leaderboards and student responses.

After games end, performance summaries help teachers identify student strengths and gaps. Teachers can easily replay games with new question sets, adjustments, and modes to continually challenge students.

Sign Up and Create Games

Teachers register for a free Blooket account at by entering their email and setting a password. Accounts can be created using Google Single Sign-On as well.

After logging in, teachers arrive at the Blooket dashboard. This is where question sets and games are created, managed, and launched for students.

To create a new game, teachers click the "+" button and select a game mode template. They can upload their own questions or pull from Blooket's pre-made question banks spanning different subjects and grade levels.

Images, audio, answer order, and more can be customized before saving the finished quiz game. Each game is assigned a unique game pin that students enter to join the session.

Launch and Play Game Sessions

To launch a game session, teachers select the quiz from their dashboard and click "Host Game". Blooket launches a lobby showing the game PIN that students enter at to join the live session.

Once students enter the pin and nickname, they select a "blook" avatar and wait in the lobby until the teacher starts the game. Questions are presented one-by-one and students race to answer before time runs out.

Correct answers allow players to accrue points for their teams. Incorrect answers subtract points or time. Leaderboards track scores in real-time, injecting friendly competition.

At the end of the game, results recap student accuracy, times, and team scores. Blook and badge rewards are allocated to top performers. Teachers can choose to play again or save results back to their dashboard.

Monitor Performance and Adjust Instruction

From their dashboard, teachers can review game results and glean insights into student learning. Detail reports show question-level performance to pinpoint problem areas.

Class overview graphs visualize student growth over time, allowing teachers to track progress toward goals. Filters make it easy to spot top performers vs. struggling students.

These data insights help teachers provide personalized interventions and reteaching. Question sets and game modes can be tweaked then played again to reassess student learning.

With Blooket's robust analytics, teachers can precisely measure student growth, surface intervention needs, and refine instruction for improved outcomes.

How To Signup for Blooket Free Account?

Teachers looking to use Blooket's educational games in their classrooms can easily signup ( for free. Here are the step-by-step instructions to register and activate your Blooket teacher account:

Step 1) Visit

join blooket

Open any web browser and go to the Blooket website. Look for the pink "Sign Up -" button in the top right corner of the homepage. This will open the registration form.

Step 2) Enter your email address

join booklet with email

The signup ( form asks for your email address, which will become your Blooket username. Enter your contact email so you can receive the account activation email after registering.

Enter The Code And Click Confirm Code

enter the code click confirm code

Make sure to use your school/organizational email if available, for easy setup of Google/Clever integrations later.

Step 3) Create a password

set the blooket signup password and click next

Create and confirm a password of your choice. Make sure it meets the password criteria shown on screen. This password will be used to login to Blooket, so pick something secure you can remember. While setting up the password, you need to use one upper case, one number which is compulsary.

Step 4) Choose The Username and Agree to Terms of Service

Choose The Username and Agree to Terms of Service


Review and accept Blooket's Terms of Service to complete the registration process. This grants you permission to use their platform as an educator.

Step 5) Select Teacher Or Student for Your Account Type

select teacher or student in blooked join and go

Step 6) Create A sSet or Discover The Sets Choose One of Them

create a set or discover the sets choose one of them

Step 7) Watch The Below Video Tutorial About Joining Blooket

Join Blooket Community

The Blooket community provides a fun way for educators to connect, collaborate, and engage with other users. Here are some ways to get involved:

Discuss Strategies on the Forums

Blooket's forums at enable educators to ask questions, share game ideas, and discuss best practices. Learn from other experienced users how they maximize engagement.

Attend Virtual Workshops and Trainings

Blooket offers free live trainings via webinar to help teachers master the platform. Topics range from getting started to advanced game design. Interact with the Blooket team and ask questions.

Follow on Social Media

Stay updated on new features and community contests by following Blooket's social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Share your game designs and classroom experience.

Provide Feedback to Improve Platform

As an educator, submit direct feedback to Blooket via their feedback form. Suggest new features, game modes, question types, and more to help evolve the product.

Connect with Blooket Ambassadors

Learn tips and tricks from experienced "Blooket Ambassadors" - users who create tutorial videos and help onboard new teachers. Follow their guidance to maximize impact.

Attend BlooketCon Events

BlooketCon gathers educators for hands-on workshops, presentations, and networking. Meet like-minded teachers and the Blooket team in-person at these annual events.

Get Support from Other Users

Leverage Blooket's community forums to troubleshoot issues, ask questions, and get help from fellow educators. Support each other as you navigate the platform.

Choose Question Set In Blooket

Teachers have extensive options when selecting question sets for their Blooket games. Here are some strategies to choose the right set aligned to your learning objectives:

Browse Community Shared Sets

The Blooket community shares ready-made question sets for different subjects/grades. Browse to find sets matching your topics and standards. Tweak them as needed for a head start.

Import from Connected Platforms

Easily import existing question banks from Google Classroom, Quizlet, Kahoot, and more. Sync once to reuse your questions in Blooket games.

Use Pre-made Blooket Question Sets

Leverage Blooket's existing library of standards-aligned question sets across ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, Coding, and Life Skills.

Modify Sample Template Questions

Start from sample questions within any game mode template. Customize the content and answers while keeping the format.

Create Questions Aligned to Skills

Build questions that target the specific concepts, standards, or skills you want to assess. Align questions to learning objectives.

Vary Question Types

Consider a mix of multiple choice, true/false, matching, sorting, open response, and more. Different types allow assessment of different skills.

Adjust Difficulty Level

Vary easy, medium and hard questions to accommodate different skill levels. Challenge top performers while building confidence in struggling students.

Review Performance Data

See which past questions students struggled with. Reuse those questions to reassess and confirm learning.

Set Consistent Length

Keep the number of questions consistent game to game for reliable comparisons of student growth.

Select A Blooket Game Mode

Blooket offers a variety of game modes, each supporting different learning objectives. Consider these elements when selecting a mode:

Gameplay Format

Modes range from solo "battle royale" to team games. Consider whether you want students to collaborate or compete individually.


Some modes focus on speed and recall while others require critical thinking. Match the mode to your desired learning outcome.


Certain modes like Tower Defense are more complex with multiple variables to track. Simpler modes like Gold Quest just require answering quickly.


Rotate different modes to keep the experience novel and unpredictable for students across multiple game sessions.

Time Constraints

Racing modes introduce time pressure while modes like Cafe have no timers. Factor in the time needed for questions.

Question Types

Modes like Crypto support open response while others are limited to multiple choice. Ensure the mode aligns to your question types.

Class Size

Consider the number of students participating. Modes like Battle Royale work better for large groups versus a small class.

Replay Value

Vary the modes for each game session to drive continued engagement as students master concepts across the year.

Host & Join Blooket Games

Teachers and students follow these basic steps to initiate and connect to live Blooket game sessions:

Teachers: Host Game

  1. Select your pre-made question set and desired game mode on the teacher dashboard.
  2. Configure options like time limits, player mode, win conditions.
  3. Launch the game session and share computer-generated game PIN with students.

Students: Join Game

  1. Navigate to on a web browser or mobile Blooket app.
  2. Enter the game PIN provided by the teacher when prompted.
  3. Pick a unique nickname and select a "blook" avatar.
  4. Wait in lobby for teacher to initiate start game countdown.

Gameplay & Wrap-Up

  1. Answer questions quickly and accurately to gain points/rewards during live gameplay.
  2. Review individual and team performance on leaderboard after game ends.
  3. Teacher can select "Play Again" to keep the same teams and questions or start a new game.

Play To Review Blooket

Here are key factors for students to assess their gameplay experience and provide constructive feedback:

Game Modes

Did you find the game mode fun and engaging? Did it align to the learning goals? Was the right level of difficulty and complexity?

Question Content

Were the questions relevant to concepts covered in class? Was there an appropriate mix of question types? Any ambiguities or errors?

Game Settings

Appropriate time limits, points system, and win conditions? Any suggested adjustments to these rules?

User Interface

Intuitive controls and displays for gameplay? Any issues with lags, bugs, or errors? Suggestions to improve the interface?

Rewards System

Did the leaderboard, points, badges, and blooks incentivize you? Was it satisfying to gain these rewards? Changes to the rewards system?

Learning Value

Did the competitive game format help reinforce concepts and activate learning? Was it an effective study tool? Areas for improvement?

Overall Experience

Was it easy to login and navigate the game interface? Fun and engaging overall experience? Would you recommend to classmates?

Student feedback on these dimensions will help refine the games, address any pain points, and improve the learning experience over time.

Analyze Blooket Results

After each Blooket game session, teachers should analyze results to extract key insights and create action plans:

Review Overall Class Performance

  • What percentage of questions were answered correctly overall?
  • How does this compare to performance on previous games?
  • Is overall accuracy improving, declining, or stagnant?

Identify Topic Strengths/Weaknesses

  • Breakdown accuracy by learning objectives, standards, topics.
  • Which areas did students excel or struggle with?
  • Are there patterns indicating systemic strengths/gaps?

Pinpoint Individual Student Needs

  • Who were the top and bottom performers?
  • Which students need remediation or enrichment on which topics?
  • How are specific groups/segments performing?

Find Question Difficulty Trends

  • Which questions were frequently missed or took longer?
  • Are there common wrong answer choices selected?
  • Do certain question types or formats need reworking?

Set Post-Game Action Plan

  • Provide whole-class reteaching where needed based on weak areas
  • Give targeted intervention/support to individual students
  • Reuse or tweak low-performing questions for reassessment
  • Re-run game with adjustments to re-evaluate performance

Frequently analyzing results will reveal learning gaps and opportunities so teachers can continually refine instruction, questions, and game formats to optimize engagement and outcomes.

Frequently Asked Question About Blooket Join

Blooket Login - How To Join Blooket?

To login and join Blooket learning games:

  1. Go to and click "Login or"
  2. Enter your username (email used during signup - and password
  3. This will log you into the Blooket dashboard
  4. To join a game session, click "Play" icon for Guest Mode
  5. Enter the game PIN shared by the teacher when prompted
  6. Pick a fun nickname and select your Blooket avatar
  7. Wait in lobby until game starts

If you forgot your password, click "Forgot Password" at the login page to reset and access your account. New users can sign up ( for a free Blooket account using their email. Login allows both hosting and joining any public or private Blooket game.

How Do I Join Blooket Game As A Student?

For students to join a teacher-hosted Blooket game:

  1. Get the unique Game PIN from your teacher
  2. Go to or open Blooket mobile app
  3. Enter the game pin when prompted
  4. Pick a fun nickname to identify yourself in game
  5. Customize your game avatar called a "Blook"
  6. Wait in the lobby for the game to begin
  7. Once the game starts, questions will appear on your screen
  8. Answer the questions by selecting the correct choice before time runs out
  9. Earn points for your team by answering quickly and correctly
  10. See your name rise on the leaderboard with each right answer
  11. Collect rewards like new Blooks and achievement badges based on your performance
  12. At game-end, review your individual stats and overall team scores
  13. The teacher may choose to play again or start a new game session

Following these steps allows you toeasily join your teacher's hosted Blooket game session as a student player. Participate regularly to help reinforce concepts while having fun competing with classmates.

What Are Blooket Join Codes?

Blooket join codes are unique 5 or 6 digit pins that students enter to join a specific game session hosted by the teacher.

These game PINs act as access codes that link student devices directly into the teacher's live game lobby.

Each game session has its own randomly generated alphanumeric code. Teachers can reveal these codes to allow access to the game.

Codes are displayed on the teacher's game launch screen. Teachers can share the code verbally, on a presentation screen, or via digital channels.

Students simply enter the advertised game PIN at to be matched into the correct live game session with their classmates.

The validity and accessibility of each join code can be controlled by the teacher within Blooket. Codes can be made public, private, or accessible only to select students.

Game PINs provide a quick way to get all students connected to the same game instance for an organized, efficient learning experience.

Is It Possible To Play Blooket Without A Code?

While game PINs are the easiest way to join a Blooket game session, there are some options to play without an access code:

  • Join "Featured" public games open to anyone. These can be found on the Blooket guest home page.
  • Search for open games created by other users and join games with 1 spot remaining.
  • Bookmark links to your teacher's games and rejoin previous sessions anytime.
  • Teachers can pre-plan game sessions and provide direct links to students.
  • Use Blooket's guest mode to create solo games with AI bots as opponents.
  • Follow Blooket accounts that host open games like live streams or contests to join.
  • Receive email invite links from a teacher for direct access to their game.
  • Get notified when users you follow begin hosting a public game session.

While access codes provide the most straightforward access method, these alternatives allow code-less entry to some Blooket games. Students can still participate without teacher-provided PINs in certain cases.

Is Blooket Free To Play?

Yes, Blooket offers free unlimited access to the core game modes for all students and teachers. Premium subscriptions exist to access advanced features, but are not at all mandatory.

As a student, you can play an unlimited number of live games hosted by teachers without any cost. Simply get the game code from your teacher and start playing.

For teachers, creating games and hosting sessions for up to 150 students per game is completely free. All the basic game modes are available without payment.

Blooket does offer a Premium subscription with additional features like private games, more game modes, additional analytics. However, the free version still provides the full interactive learning experience.

So while in-app purchases exist for premium extras, students and teachers can use the robust free version of Blooket with no limits. Just signup ( for an account and you're ready to start playing interactive learning games for free.


Blooket is a game-changing educational platform that leverages friendly competition and gamification to motivate student learning. The intuitive interface makes it easy for teachers to create engaging review games and for students to actively participate. With robust customization options, actionable performance insights, and a thriving community, Blooket modernizes classroom learning for the digital age. Students are immersed in dynamic games that reinforce concepts while helping teachers spot gaps for targeted intervention. Rally your class to join the movement of over 15 million Blooket users worldwide and transform review time into an exciting opportunity for growth.